Hey Handsome

13 09 2010

Who’s that gentleman I look like I’m about to punch?  Oh, that’s my boyfriend, let’s call him ManCandy.  He probably made a smart-ass comment right before this pic was taken.We live together in a sweet little apartment in the Society Hill section of Philadelphia. He is not vegetarian, nor does he particularly enjoy working out. Runner? Not in this lifetime, hon.  Yet it (we?) works.  He’ll probably appear on this blog often.  Any man who can put up with me doing an on-demand workout at 6 am, one room/cardboard wall away, and not want to drop-kick me is a winner in my book.  He even tolerates all the weird food in the fridge.

ManCandy: “Babe, I think your drink is expired.”

Me:”What drink?”

ManCandy: “This orange stuff.  It looks like there’s chunks or mold or something in it.”

Me: “It’s supposed to be like that.  It’s Kombucha.”

ManCandy: “Kom-whadda?  Sounds like a basketball player.”

Me: “It’s a fermented tea drink. It’s supposed to have a lot of health benefits and it tastes awesome.  Here, try it!”

ManCandy:  “Fermented eh? What’s the alcohol by volume?”

Me:  “There isn’t…it’s like bacterial strains…good ones!”

ManCandy:  “I think I’ll pass on your swine-flu mold tea.”

Ah, true love. He might even read the blog! Xo boo, if you’re reading.




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