Just another manic monday

13 09 2010

 Yo yo yo.  I woke up late this morning and forgot to snap a shot of my fage (greek yogurt du jour) straight from the carton.  I don’t think I was really missing anything special.  I also woke up too late to “prepare” a lunch.  So, into a lululemon bag went a vegetable peeler, 3 carrots, a honeycrisp, hummus and a whole wheat pita.  Yes, my “lunch” eaten at my desk was no work of art either.  I did peel and cut, but I also dipped straight into the hummus container and sucked Justin’s Almond butter straight out of it’s single serving packet.  I know you are totally questioning whether or not this blog is going to suck.  I swear, the first meals of today have been unusualy weak.  I’m glad I did not photograph them. Instead, I’m putting up a few pics from races, etc. so you get to know a little more about me and my non-trainwreck type of days.

This was from a race a little over a month ago, that’s one of those crazy relay race-through-the night sorta mothers that is essentially a marathon, broken into chunks and alot of down time while other people run.  Our Team ran 168 miles, divided by 6…so 28 miles per person, but that was broken into 3 “laps” of 9.33333 miles per person.  I was the “anchor” which, coincidentally, is synonymous with “running at the worst times”; like, you know, the hottest part of the day and when the sun is rising the next day.  The nice thing was that this race was a huge fundraiser and a lot of “fun” in that “urban camping” sort of way.

Pretty sure that was around 3 or 4am.  Glad I was able amuse myself while waiting for one of my teammates to tag me on.  Oh yeah, it was in August, during one of the many heat waves.  I do not normally rock the Wylie Coyote bandana, but this one was filled with ice and actually keep me cooler while running.  It doesn’t look cool at all…even if it is lily pulitzer.  But I promise you, it will keep you from passing out on a long, hot run.

This is my street in Philadelphia.  Depending on who reads this and where you’re from, Philadelphia is not quite like what the Fresh Prince describes.  Certain parts are super nice and really historic.  My street is still all cobblestone.  I love it, my shoes do not.  My neighborhood is gorge and has the whole 9 yards; trees, a playground, and tourist-y horse-drawn carriges.  However, it also smells 300 years old and there is never any parking. Can’t have it all.  

Well, I hope to have some fun dinner pics for ya, but until then, peace out homies.




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