Really? Sexy Vegetables?

13 09 2010

What up blog-o-sphere?

I’m sitting on my couch, drinking a bud, eating pizza and watching football.  Have I mentioned that this is going to be a blog mostly about fitness, food and fun?  Yes, I realize most people would not equate beer and NFL Redzone with the healthiest of lifestyles, but I ran 22 miles yesterday, so there.  I really utilize my “rest day” by doing absolutely nothing.  I try not to take life too seriously.  I can a bit type-A from time to time, but I try to balance the type-A tendencies with things that keep life interesting.  I run marathons, I am a vegetarian, I have a job that is completely un-related to anything I like to do, and oh…I like to party.

I had been thinking about doing a healthy lifestyle blog for a while, and pretty much just decided in the last hellacious miles of my run yesterday, that now is as good of a time as ever.   I’m trying to give up cut down on my vices for the next few weeks before I run the Chicago Marathon, and what better way than to channel my energy into a sweet-ass blog?  I also believe documenting what I eat will make me slightly more accountable, and thus, a slightly better athlete.  After crushing a box of peanut butter puffins in 6 days, I figured starting a foodie-ish blog may curb that sort of behavior.

I love fruits and veggies and eat a lot of them. They’re sexy.  Ok, totally kidding; but many of my favorite varieties are quite phallic.  Sometimes I eat vegan-ly, but I love greek yogurt, goat cheese, and egg whites way too much to ever let them go.  Yum.

I like to run too. I run a lot.  Actually, I love running.  I was a 3 season athlete in high school, played 2 sports in college, and then quit those sports and became a fitness instructor.  After I graduated college and started working for the man, I started running more, since I didn’t have to worry about teaching a 5pm kick-boxing class or a scrimmage.  My body has been kind to me; it allows me to act like an idiot and violate the “rules of training” without too many adverse consequences.  I won my first 5k after going out for a bar crawl the night before.  I don’t stretch or ice like I should and wear 5 inch heels almost every day. Yes, I’ve had injuries and other mis-haps which have made me re-evaluate the way I treat myself, but being active, fit and healthy can definitely coincide with going out and living large.  Hopefully, through this blog, I can show a new perspective on training, being vegetarian, and doin it and doin it and doin it well.




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